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My five year old niece is incredible. She's a very social girl who loves parties and makes friends easily.
A couple of months ago, she was at a birthday party where she met another 5 year old who happens to have Juvenile diabetes. The two of them got to talking about it and Katherine learned all sorts of things including that having JD hurts. When she overheard her mother and the other little girl's mother talking about fundraising, she wanted to know what it was. My sister explained that that was when you raised money to give to the scientists to help them find a cure. So my niece decided that she wanted to hold a fundraiser to help her new friend.
She was already planning a get together with a couple of her friends to design dresses that her cousin, a fashion design student at Ryerson was going to help them make. She decided to turn that into a fundraiser instead.
So she invited a few of her other friends and she and my sister canvassed some fabric stores for donations of material. And about a month ago my three sisters and I sat down at sewing machines with the intention of sewing 8 dresses in 4 hours.

The plan was, one Sunday, for a donation, the little girls would come over around 1pm, draw the dress they wanted, my fashion designer niece would then take measurements, help them choose fabrics and come up with some sort of pattern we could then use to sew the dresses. The girls would have a playdate while the sewing went on, and around 5pm, they would all go home with their custom made dress.

In the end, we did not finish a single dress that day. We were close with a couple of them, but just fell short. I had to go over on the Monday and Tuesday to help finish them off, and my sister finally got them all done by the end of the week. The upside though was that when they finally got the dresses, the girls loved them! Not to mention the fact that my niece raised over $500 for the JD foundation.

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